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About Us

Setting Goals, Together

The club is officially Dublin’s only non profit mountain running club – built on top of a mountain but very much part of the city. The club is based within the Glencullen-Stepaside-Sandyford area with club members coming from North and south of Dublin City and surrounding county’s such as Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, Wexford and nationwide.


Running community

The club plays a major role within the Dublin running community by introducing and bringing people together that normally may not feel safe or comfortable going exercising alone throughout the dark winter months, and at other times of the year. With a group to run with, we can keep our community active all year round.

The pros

Running in the mountains can be therapeutic with calming surroundings and sounds and can really help improve your mental, physical and emotional strength. This kind of running has less impact on your joints and your muscles than road running, and this will improve your physical strength, your stamina and endurance.

More pros

When it comes to overall fitness, cardio training is essential, but not all cardio training is equal. Mountain trail running pushes your muscles in a variety of challenging ways, growing and adapting to running uphill and downhill, and you’ll gain explosive speed from jumping up on to and off rocks and other natural obstacles. Mountain trail running allows you to break free from the city pollution, where you can enjoy fresh, mountain air. And increased resistance from incline training will help develop your running muscles – you’ll find you run much faster on flatter surfaces after this kind of running.

Our advice to someone who wanted to start mountain running

Sometimes, a simple walk in the park or forest can be really beneficial but if the person wishes to excel towards running, then they should set practical, realistic goals, visualise achieving those goals and then put that  in it into practice by believing in themselves that they can and will achieve it.
We would highly recommend to engage with the club or a similar club with same beliefs and structure attend a few training sessions the decide if is something that you wish to continue

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