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Club Member Spotlight - Meet Fanny Gardyn

Introducing Fanny Gardyn, the club secretary and an all-around legend. In this blog, we have the pleasure of sharing Fan's inspiring running story with you. She opens up about her sources of inspiration and motivation, the various events she has taken part in, and her future plans in the sport.

Get ready to be inspired by Fanny's journey as a runner and learn about her passion for running.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from France and moved to Ireland in 2006. I used to work as a programme manager but now I’m a stay at home mom of three and human to 2 rescued sight hounds.

When did you start running?

I started road running in 2013 after major surgery. I started with 1km building up gradually to 10k that same year. By 2015, I had built up to the marathon distance and in 2019 I was running ultra marathons. It’s that same year that I started trail running and got hooked.

You are currently on a run streak. Can you tell us about this? Why are you doing it and what benefits are you receiving from it?

The streak is a mental preparation for tougher events. The key to running is consistency. Getting out especially on the days you really don’t feel like it will help you push through races when you think you can no longer run.

The plan is to then split any race into smaller chunks (similar to your daily runs). For the Backyard Ultra it will be loops, for the 100k it will be chunks of 5kms. As you go on for one more day, so can you for another loop or chunk.

You just completed Maurice Mullins 50k. How did you train for this event and do you have a coach?

I do not have a coach. I have a running partner, Janma, and we trained on sections of the course for the past month and a half. Training was quite specific to the event with a fair amount of elevation gain and the introduction of fast hiking for the steeper parts.

How did you fuel / sleep the day before the race?

I had a big portion of take-away beef udon. I try not to cook the day before to avoid being on my feet. The night was short as I had to be up early but I managed to get a good few hours.

How did you fuel during Maurice Mullins?

Snickers and Twix bars!

How did the race go?

Overall it went well. It was a good training run because I encountered issues I had never had before and had to find a way to deal with them during the race.

What is your favourite time to run? Time of day / year?

I like mornings better but not too early. Spring time is my favourite time of year to run.

Do you ever get a “runners high”?

I’m not someone who gets easily overjoyed. I guess I process my achievements differently.

Maybe the closest I got to a runner’s high was when I crossed the finish line of the OCC UTMB. The exhaustion, the runners solidarity, the crowd of supporters, my sister running to the finish line by my side, that was a truly unique experience.

What does running bring to your life?

It’s my mental health anchor. It’s also a good way to push my limits and see how far and how long I can go.

I haven’t reached that place yet.

Favourite runner to train in?

I’m an Altra runner.

Fun fact: I currently own 9 different models of Altra (11 pairs)! I’ve recently tried Hoka Speedgoat as I was looking for more cushioning for ultra long runs but I’m not convinced yet…

Favourite snack to bring on long runs?

For long road runs I usually take gels. For trail running I use solid food like chocolate bars, nuts, or dried fruit.

Most Recent Races:
  • Maurice Mullins Ultra 50K

  • Donadea 50K 2023

  • Dublin Marathon 2022

  • Ecotrail Wicklow 80K 2022

  • UTMB® Mont Blanc 2022 - OCC

  • Wild Atlantic Ultra 50 Miles 2022

  • Waterville Trailrunning Festival 43K 2022

Coming up:
  • Backyard Ultra

  • DMTF 100K

  • Ecotrail Wicklow 80km

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